A12. Period with changing current velocity

As in A11 we consider an infInite domain with a uniform wave field. An initial spectrum is given (narrow both in σ and in θ). In test A12 the depth is constant (=5 m), and the current velocity is varied as function of time. It is seen from theory that wave number and direction of the wave field have to remain constant. A table is written giving depth, current velocity, wavelength, direction and period (both relative and absolute) as function of time.

The analytical solution for this case is: T = 2 π / {[g k tanh(k d)]1/2 + U.k} (where T is absolute period).
We use the following Initial conditions: k0 = 0.1 m-1, d0 = 5 m and θ0 = 90o. It follows that T0 = 9 s.

Since Swan uses a spectrum formulated in terms of σ; there is transport of energy in σ-direction; there is also transport in θ. There may be a change in the shape of the spectrum due to numerical inaccuracies. Plot file A12.plt shows (absolute) period, wavelength and direction as function of current velocity (the component in y-direction since the direction of the wave field is 90o.

1 case is considered:

time-varying current velocity

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