A45. Obstacle in a 1-dimensional model

A straight obstacle is crossing a 1-d computational grid. The transmission is 0 in all runs. Run A45a has no reflection, run A45b has specular reflection and A45c has diffusive reflection. 2-d polar plots are made for the point where the incident wave field is imposed. The spectra are shown in plots A45a.plt, A45b.plt, and A45c.plt.
In addition there are a few tests to check the correct working of the test on the sum of transmission and reflection coefficients. In tests A45j, A45k and A45l the obstacle is of the type DAM and the water level is time-dependent. The obstacle also has a reflection coefficient 0.7.

6 cases are considered:

No transmission, no reflection
No transmission, full specular reflection
No transmission, full scattered reflection
Stationary case, transmission of type Dam, partial reflection
Time-dependent case, transmission of type Dam, partial reflection, first order propagation scheme
Same as A45k, but with larger value of [itest], standard propagation scheme
Note that cases A45k and A45l end with an error message: Kt2 + Kr2 > 1. This occurs because in this model at high water levels the energy transmitted + the energy reflected is more than the incoming energy.

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