A52. 2d propagation, non-stationary

The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the difference in behavior between first and third order propagation for a realistic spectrum, and the effect of anti-GSE diffusion. A domain with deep water is considered.

At time 0 an Initial wave field is assumed which extends over an area of 2 by 2 degrees on the globe, near the equator. This Initial wave field has a Jonswap spectrum with cos4 directional distribution. The peak period is 10 s, and the average direction is 60 degrees (Nautical).

The distribution of Hs over space (in the form of isolines) is shown for t=6 days for: a, the BSBT scheme, b, the SL1 scheme, c, the SL1 scheme with wave age set at 6 days.

3 cases are considered:

BSBT scheme
S&L scheme without anti_GSE diffusion
S&L scheme with anti-GSE diffusion based on wave age of 6 days

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