A81. Source terms for a given spectrum

Source terms are computed for a given spectrum. The peak period of the spectrum is 10 s in all cases, the average wave direction is to the East, and the directional distribution is [cos(θ)]4. The value of Hs is varied.
The command MODE NOUPDATE is used to prevent change of the spectrum during the computation. 2 iterations are performed so that 3d generation computation of the source terms is carried out. In the 1st iteration Swcap and Snl4 are 0; in the 2nd iteration they are activated.
There are no analytic computations to Compare with.
The depth can be varied for all cases by modifying the file "Depfile.swn". The wind velocity can be varied for all cases by modifying the file "wind_opt.swn".

5 cases are considered:

Hs = 1 m
Hs = 2 m
Hs = 3 m
Hs = 4 m
Hs = 5 m
Please note that the command MODE NOUPDATE means that the action densities will not be modified during the computational process. This is useful if one wants to compute source terms for a given (fixed) spectrum; the spectrum will remain as it was given by means of the INIT command.

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