A82. Source terms for a given spectrum

Source terms are computed for a given spectrum with sea and swell combined. The peak period of the sea is 6 s and the peak period of the swell is 10 s. The Hs of the sea is 2 m and the period of the swell is 1 m. The directions of sea and swell differ, the difference ranging from 0 to 180 degrees.
The command MODE NOUPDATE is used to prevent change of the spectrum during the computation. 2 iterations are performed so that 3d generation computation of the source terms is carried out. In the 1st iteration Swcap and Snl4 are 0; in the 2nd iteration they are activated.
There are no analytic computations to Compare with. The resulting source terms are Compared with those from a computation with the RIAM source term (Hashimoto, ..). The latter are found in the subdirectory Verif.dat

8 cases are considered:

sea and swell in the same direction
difference in direction is 45 degrees
sea normal to swell
difference in direction is 135 degrees
sea and swell in opposite directions

The Initial conditions are in files ′A82*.hot′. It can be generated by executing Runprep.bat. This procedure can be used only with the DHH version of Swan.

© 2012: Nico Booij