F51. Gorbush storm

The computation simulates the waves at the occurrence of the so-called Gorbush storm in the central Mediterranean in 1989. Results are Compared with observations from 3 buoys near the coast of Italy, and with WAM results for the same 3 locations.

In view of computation time only the last two days of the period are run. The Initial condition is generated by making a stationary computation first. By comparing with the WAM results which were made for a longer period, it can be seen how long the Initial conditions persists.

Run F51a computed the first of the two days; run F51b the second. Run F51b uses the results of F51a as Initial condition.

The overall geographic situation with the buoys is shown in plot F51_bot.plt. The wind field is shown in files F51awnd.plt and F51bwnd.plt.

Isolines of the significant wave height together with average directions in the central area are shown in plots F51a_hs.plt and F51b_hs.plt

2 runs are made:

stationary computation and nonstationary computation for 1 day
computation for 2nd day