L02. Wind-wave flume measurements by Mitsuyasu and Yoshida (1989)

Mitsuyasu and Yoshida (1989) carried out measurements in a wind-wave flume. One of the experiments where incoming waves were generated in the direction opposing to the wind is simulated in a 1-d computation. The spectrum was measured at one location. Tests L02a and L02b are compared with results of an experiment without opposing swell; tests L02c and L02d are compared with results of an experiment with opposing swell. In the latter two tests the quadruplet source term is deactivated for frequencies lower than 2 Hz. The tests L02a and L02c show results after the standard accuracy criterion is fulfilled, and L02b and L02d show the results after a considerably larger number of iterations. It appears that in the case with incoming swell the convergence is very slow.

The computations are Compared with measurements in plot plfL02.

4 runs are made:

no swell; standard number of iterations
no swell; forced to 20 iterations
opposing swell; standard number of iterations
opposing swell; number of iterations 40


Mitsuyasu, H. and Y. Yoshida (1989),
Air-sea interactions under the existence of swell propagating against the wind, Bul. Res. Inst. Appl. Mech., Kyushu Univ. (in Japanese), 63, 47-71

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