L04. Flume measurements by Baldock (1998)

Baldock et al.(1998) carried out an experiment in which they measured the fraction of breaking waves in order to develop a surf breaking formulation. Vink (2001) made a Swan simulation of this experiment which was modified in this test bank.

This graph from Vink (2001) shows that Baldock's Qb performs better than the one by Battjes and Janssen (1978)

The computations are compared with measurements in plot plfL04.

2 runs are made:

default physics, coarse run
default physics, nested run from 40 m
BalDock breaking formulation
as L04c, nested run from 40 m
JONSWAP friction formulation
as L04e, nested run from 40 m
Baldock breaking formulation, triads on
as L04g, nested run from 40 m


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