Swan configuration tests

The pages on the configuration test bank are intended to give you an idea about the character and the aspects covered by this test set. You will find a table giving the aspects of Swan that are covered by the test bank, and which tests are made to check whether this aspect of Swan is implemented correctly. In addition there is a list of all the cases in the test bank, each with a brief description about the series of tests in that case. These descriptions provide links to the Swan control files used to run the actual tests.
The files on the website are not sufficient to make these runs because other Input files, such as bottom and current files are not present on the website, simply because they are often too large. If you wish to run the test bank, you can ask for the package by means of the order form. You will obtain a message telling you how to download the (zipped) package. The package will contain the same information that you find in this website, plus the necessary bottom files etc., and a chapter on how to run and extend the test bank.
As you will notice, not all aspects are covered and some aspects may have been overlooked. If you make extensions to the test bank, I will be grateful if you send me a copy with documentation to add to the existing one. Of course other remarks that may add to the quality of the test bank, are also welcome. Moreover, this is the first published version of the test bank, so probably there will still be a number of errors. If you notice that some tests do not perform as expected, please send me a message.

Building the software

In order to run the tests you will need the DHH version of Swan (Swan with graphics extension) and OPGraph. Both executables are in the package with the GUI, at least for the Windows platform (single processor). User manuals for the graphics extension and OPGraph are part of the same package.
If you are going to make the runs on another platform, or on a multi-processor system, you can compile the two programs, using the Fortran code that you can also obtain, together with a document describing how to link the graphical code to the Delft University version of Swan. The instructions and files are in the same package as the test bank.
It will be appreciated if you make these executables available to the Swan community. So please send me an e-mail so that I can give the information on this website.
It is possible to run the test bank with the Delft version of Swan, but then you will have to remove all PLOT commands from the Swan control files. Also you can use alternatives for the post-processing instead of OPGraph, for instance based on Matlab. Again, please make such developments available to other Swan users.

  ©: Nico Booij (2012)